As demonstrated at the National Science Teachers Association NSTA Annual Convention 2002 in San Diego, we are providing the following.

1. GPS book: All about GPS, Sherlock Holmes' Guide to the Global Positioning System. $13 Also available in

2. GPS simulator in CD-ROM: Learn to use a GPS receiver and its functions in classrooms or at home. $10

3. GPS science education package:
The book and simulator, a 12-Channel handheld GPS receiver with detailed street maps and business directories of USA or European countries, that is, every street, business/tourist location directory. It is like you have all the tour guides, phone books and AAA maps at your hand. If these were in a printed form, they would consume a library. $345

A detachable Compact Flash CF card is with the receiver for the maps you need.
Tell us the local maps you want, it will be tailor-made into the CF card for you.

1 map CD-ROM, 2 AA rechargeable batteries, 1 leather case, carrying bag, serial data cable for downloading maps or updating OS, 32MB Compact Flash card, Car charger cable, car stand and external active antenna.

12 parallel channels, Cold start< 75 seconds, Hot start within 15 seconds, update rate: 0.1 sec. continuously, 500 waypoints, Display scale: 9 levels zoom in and out scales from 100m to 300Km.

Position within 5~25 meters CEP, Velocity: Within 0.1m/sec, Time: +-1microsecond.

(This is the requirement of the Department of Commerce and Defense DoD to prevent GPS from being used as a guidance for offensive weapons by terrorists etc.)
Altitude: max. 60,000 feet, Speed: 1.8 Mach, Acceleration: 6G.

1-year warranty, discount workshop is available by arrangement.
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